What's your favorite disguise? [/meta]

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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trample My Heart...

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I was cleaning my Yahoo!Mail folders when I found this poem.

Ice sent it to me when we were in college. Without understanding the poem yet, I immediately sent it to him. We had a habit of sending lines from poems or lyrics either through SMS or e-mail. That was then. Back then.

Because Of Your Feet, Where Your Beauty Ends
(VIII: From El Rayo Que No Cesa)

Because of your feet, where your beauty ends
in ten fragments of whiteness, more a dance,
a dove ascends to your waist,
an unending balm falls to earth.

Along with your feet goes the wonder
of nacre, in a ridiculous narrowness,
and where your feet go whiteness goes,
a dog sowing anklets of jasmine.

At your feet, as much foam as shore,
sand and sea reach me, and ebb from me,
and I try to enter the sheepfold of your sole.

I enter and let myself pass to your soul itself,
with the loving voice of the grapes:
trample my heart, now it's ripe.

How he took the poem, I don't know. But he thanked me for sending it.

Trample my heart, now it's ripe...

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Monday, January 30, 2006

What My Walk Is

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Your walk is:
Full of Determination


Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

I want to know what my walk is...
I want you to show me...

I don't know how I got this result. All I remember is that I want to be a vampire. This must be luck.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Highway 55

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A way to keep the enemy close...

1. First Name: Jaycee

2. Were you named after anyone? J from dad, C from mom.

3. Do you wish on stars? Nope. My name is enough; it means "moon."

4. When did you last cry? Last Sunday. (Don't ask why.)

5. Do you like your handwriting? Yes. Been trained from kindergarten till sixth grade.

6. What is your favorite lunch meat? Ahm... Bruce Quebral (gravy or caramel?)

7. What is your birth date? [Edit] chosen to be withheld (Thanks, Mandz!)

8. Mountains or Beach? We have houses near both, so I'd say both.

9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? If I badly need someone to listen, yes...

10. Do you have a journal? Three blogs are enough.

11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Getting away with it is pretty easy for me. *wink wink*

12. Do you have a nickname? Ace to grade school friends, Icebox in high school, Iceboxace on print and online, Lilo to coworkers (I evolve.)

13. Would you bungee jump? How many times?

14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Most of the time, nope.

15. Do you think that you are strong? Yes. It's one of my minor strongsuits. It is not to my advantage all the time though.

16. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Very Rocky Road

17. Shoe Size? 8 1/2"

18. Red or pink? Reeeeeddd

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? (enters confession box) My fear of committing.

20. What do you miss most? College life

21. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? Well, I'd appreciate people who'd read this and post their own answers on their blogs.

22. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? blue Billabong jeans and white flip-flops

23. What are you listening to right now? a deposition

24. Last thing you ate? Sandwich offered by coworker

25. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Yellow

26. What is the weather like right now? Sunny but windy

27. Last person you talked to on the phone? My business mentor

28. First thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes

29. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Nobody did. But whoever I got it from, her answers were very smart.

30. Favorite Drink? mango shake

31. What is your favorite sport? Basketball!!!

32. Hair Color? black

33. Eye Color? brown

34. Do you wear contacts? Nope.

35. Favorite Food? Spaghetti

36. Last Movie You Watched? Valiant (with baby brother)

37. Favorite Day of the Year? Christmas, when everyone in the family is present

38. Scary Movies or Happy Endings? ambiguous endings

39. Summer or winter? SUMMER!

40. Hugs OR Kisses? chocolates! hahaha!

41. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? after Bruce (main course), crepe is enough.

42. Who Is Most Likely To Respond? college friends and fellow blog readers (I hope)

43. Who Is Least Likely To Respond? Not sure...

44. Living Arrangements? Sharing an aparment with a college friend

45. What books are you reading? business books and about to read some by John Maxwell

46. What is on Your Mouse Pad? (still inside confession box) I have a Leonardo DiCaprio mouse pad given to me by a high school friend. *all flushed*

47. What Did You Watch Last night on TV? Bubble Gang!

48. Favorite Sounds? that of an spontaneous laughter

49. What's the furthest you've been from home? Romblon

50. Do you find happiness in everyday? Yes. I believe in positive attitude.

51. What is your worst fear? losing the people I care for

52. Second biggest fear? broken promises

53. Do you believe in magic? Every chance of waking up in the morning is a magical blessing.

54. What is your biggest challenge? at the moment, overcoming my "personal barrier" to achieve abundance

55. Are you a worrier? I laugh at things I could possibly be worried about. =p

Since you've read it, why don't you answer them yourself? It won't hurt.


questions copied from newfie girl.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jack and Jill's Love-Hate Relationship

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But before that... place your bets!

Your arch-nemesis is:
Lucille Ball

Because you are both competing to be the world champion of strip chess.
The winner will be...
Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Who said playing chess is boring?


On with the post...

I was surfing the net when I came to this site, Undergrad Mathematics Labs. It features Jack and Jill's Love-Hate Relationship and how Trigonometric Functions were applied to the couple's behavior. Here's the situation:

Jack and Jill are having a rocky relationship. Jack thinks he loves Jill, but whenever she gets too interested, he avoids making a committment, and loses interest, starting to dislike her more and more. As soon as Jill cools off, he starts to find her more attractive, and falls back in love. Jill, on the other hand, just follows Jack's lead. When he likes her, her interest increases, but when he dislikes her, her interest wanes. What will happen to these unfortunate lovers?

Honestly, I wasn't really curious about my-first-nursery-rhymes couple's sad or happy ending. I just find it interesting how educators apply technical concepts to stories that could possibly simplify teaching math or just to catch the interest of students.

In the science high school that I went to, my Chemistry and Physics teachers thought of many activites to simplify the basic concepts we should learn. Well, we ended up memorizing the periodic table (almost), computing for the number of covalent bonds and free electrons, writing down the structure of 21 amino acids, manipulating cations and anions, and determining your shadow at different angles and at different times of the day.

I guess the story of Humpty Dumpty could have been a good one when we were studying density and free fall.

No wonder why I took Journalism in college...

If you were/are an educator, which story would be best to illustrate thermodynamics (specifically heat transfer)?

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Sexual Sequence

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I was reading some archived posts and I got this lecture I chose to post. I attended an Anthropology class when I was in my senior year in college -- Sex and Culture.

No kidding, my professor looked fossilized. In class, he speaks with a pipe loaded with Gudang. If you want to quit smoking, you have to look at my professor. I'm not kidding. My friend did.

And contrary to the interesting topics that we have in class, he spoils everything. Even if I had a bold/porn star for a classmate, Dante Balboa, who brings his portfolio in class (Don't ask me what's inside, I didn't peek at his pics).

So here's the sequence:
♣ eye to body
♣ eye to eye
♣ voice to voice
♣ hand to hand
♣ arm to shoulder
♣ arm to waist
♣ mouth to mouth
♣ hand to head
♣ hand to body
♣ mouth to breast
♣ hand to genitals
♣ genitals to genitals


I'm not sure if this would help. If it doesn't, keep it for future reference. =p

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Are You Living in 2006?

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1. You accidentally entered your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

7. Every commercial on television has a website at the bottom of the screen.

8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

10. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.

11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :)

12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.

14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this list.


e-mail from mr. commuter

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Statistical Rarity

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just a shot

My high school friends and I met sooner than expected because a friend's mother died last week. In situations like this, scheduled activities are set aside and going to the friend's house together is A MUST.

We initially planned to stay until dawn in our friend's house. Later, the guys planned to have a drink. So some of us went to another friend's house. Apparently, I was the only female there. With me were six boys: my best friend Oman, basketball and guitar coach RJ, and his four apprentice.

The guys didn't really want to drink. Yes, they were drinking but not much. As it appeared to me, they wanted to sit and talk. RJ didn't care much if most weren't joining. He just wanted to sit, drink, and talk.

And I think I know why -- come May 2006, RJ's going to be a father. It's only now that the scary thought begins to sink in.

We were able to talk about RJ and Oman's relationships. They just kept on mentioning names. Of course, I knew those girls. We've talked about them several times. Boys will always be boys.

RJ started questioning Oman and the former mentioned a very familiar name. What was new was the thought that my best friend hooked up with her.

Pretending not surprised at all, I said that can't be since the girl, Clefarie, had a boyfriend by then and I knew the guy as well.

Then my best friend said it was just a fling. RJ began asking when it happened and if it was after he hooked up with Dei, one of Clefarie's best friend.

Feeling sick (an understatement), I just shut up and listened while RJ's questioning, which seemed like a deposition to me, took place. I really felt sick because, omce again, it seems that I was the last one to know (we had a fight over this issue before). It's not that I'm obliging him to tell me everything but I look stupid when people ask me about him and they seem to know more than I do.

When I'm upset, I don't nag. I keep quiet. Awfully quiet. I wanted to ask but I cannot form my questions. Finally, I uttered, "Was this before or after Dei?"

Oman answered, "Stupid, it isn't true." Then they both laughed. I didn't. And I wanted to spank both of them. I wasn't able to laugh because I was still thinking of the complications if that were ever true.

Later, I was yawning a lot and RJ offered food. He said he'd cook anything he'll find in the cupboard or he'd prepare coffee. I didn't want to eat nor drink anything because I was just really sleepy. Although it seems that a miracle just occurred (RJ? Cooking?), I wasn't in the mood to abuse.

We were talking about a lot of things and I'm not sure how we ended up talking about girls that he felt comfortable with but never imagined pursuing. He said there were only a few for him. Knowing how many girls he tried to hook up with, I couldn't agree more. I just listened. And he said it was because of one thing -- MEN CANNOT RISK THE FRIENDSHIP IF THE RELATIONSHIP DOES NOT WORK OUT.

That probably is true. When one crosses the line, he or she could never go back.

To what statistical rarity do you belong?

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Growing Up...

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before, they were just pinky promises

Last Sunday, a high school friend came to the house to return a book. Tati and I became friends when we were both picked to join the basketball team. Since we don't get together like we used to (we shared a flat when we were in college), dropping by end up in long conversations. She was with her cousins whom I've met and sometimes hang out with.

From the house, we walked to the beach (a block away) and updated each other. Later, we end up talking about our works and she asking me about business.

After she and her cousins left, I asked myself, "What the heck did we just talk about?"

Yes, we just talked about business. And knowing each other for quite a long time, that was something new for a conversation. Well, it wasn't just with Tati. It was the same with other high school and college friends.

Back in high school, my friends and I talked about dreams, guitar chords, TV shows, crushes, basketball, mitosis and meiosis, bands, ideal relationships, and the dorkiness of scientific research.

After graduation, we went to different universities and hardly saw each other again (my rants on this issue are archived in this blog).

Later, we dealt with actualrelationships, non-existing relationships, and same-sex relationships. Then came the incidents of early pregnancies. Some got married and many flew to the US. Some ended up together, others already parted ways. Some are still friends and some are no longer speaking with each other. Some friends even visit me or fetch me at the university just to talk, to drink (with me not drinking), or just meet. We even end up swimming even in the coldest of December just to meet.

Then now, we're at the stage of managing employment issues.


Well, looks like we're really growing up. But I'm happy coz we still get to hang out together. And each time we get to sit and talk about the old days and the mishaps that we had, I know the bond still gets stronger. And I laugh everytime they remind me that I was such a snob when we were in high school.

I bet after some more years we'll be talking about HIV (Hair Is Vanishing) problems.

I'm happy that we're still friends after all these years... even after college.

the girls and not so girls...


just crazy

Even happier that my high school friends and college friends get along well.

Are you still in touch with your high school friends?

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Cheers For My New Layout!

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Whew! I so wanted to have a layout themed to this movie, Almost Famous. Thanks to Butch (no pun intended) for all the help.

Almost Famous is one of my most favorite movies. With this one, I have more eye-friendly font size and colors. I didn't use frames too.

And to baptize my new layout where right-clicking is already disabled, here's the pic I've wanted to post. Actually, I already did for one entry. I just chose to remove it again (coz I have no prepared gravy at my side then).

For your eyes only...

gravy, please.
Bruce Almighty

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

It Pays Off to Hang Out With Men...

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You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.
How Well Do You Understand Men?


But the COST is TOO MUCH when you get to know them veeery well...

They sift the guys you go out with...

And the "PhD" scares you to be in a relationship with a guy who'll be just like them.

Don't ask me why.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are You a Good Wife?

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good wife's guide

And I thought Mona Lisa Smile was enough to make me realize I'll be in jail if I lived in the 50s...

I got this from mr. commuter today. It happens to be an article published on May 13, 1955 by Housekeeping Monthly. And it is titled "The Good Wife's Guide."

Reading this, I CERTAINLY know I would not be good for a husband who expects his wife to be like this. Acquiescence is a virtue.

I even DOUBT if I'd be a wife.

Well, probably. Then my husband shows up on TV after a month, BEGGING telling men to stay single or not to get one like me.

*wink wink*

If this would be published today, it would probably come out in a lampoon issue (not even in an Idiot's Guide) or its title would be changed: _______ Wife's Guide.

What adjective do you think would fit?

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What's Inside Your Closet?

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what's inside your closet?

Two of my coworkers were transferred to the marketing department. Since their team is still sharing the same office with us, everyone could here them answering calls.

R often answers the calls with, "(Insert company name), good morning/afternoon!" And often when he does, he goofs around (which he usually does to grab attention) by making his voice gay. Even more distorted (like a gay wannabe).

To answer company calls, that is certainly a no, no! Most of us get to notice it and laugh. So R, I think, enjoys the attention he's getting.

Yesterday, he did his (supposedly) wannabe act and my boss noticed it and told him to do his job properly. It was said like a joke but I know my boss was just being polite.

Being beside my boss, I told him...

"R, let your hair down."

Then my coworkers laughed. I forgot I was wearing a headset so I said it louder than I intended. R did not make a comment.

It was a joke. But I also meant it. (I'm good at half-meant jokes and always get away with it. *in my 1-800 voice* If you need coaching, e-mail me.)

I started the training with R. When I first saw him, me belonging to a college where about 90% of men are gay for four not-so-straight years, my gaydar went WANG! WANG! WANG! like an ambulance, even without talking to him yet.

If someone's in his denial stage for a veeeery long time now, how would you call him?

I don't know. But he knows I call him the "gay magnet." (I'm beginning to practice self censorship.)

So, what's inside your closet?

I hope you don't have the cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

*brings in a crying wolf*

sniff sniff

On second thought, "The Closet of Dr. Caligari" may become the first ever queer horror film.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hail the Mechanical Contrivium

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Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jaycee!

  1. Devoid of her cells and proteins, Jaycee has the same chemical makeup as sea water!
  2. Jaycee has a memory span of three seconds!
  3. Jaycee can last longer without water than a camel can.
  4. Jayceeolatry is the mindless worship of jaycee.
  5. It took Jaycee 22 years to build the Taj Mahal.
  6. Jaycee can sleep with one eye open!
  7. During severe windstorms, Jaycee may sway several feet to either side.
  8. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw Jaycee into a volcano it would stop erupting!
  9. While sleeping, fifteen percent of men snore, and ten percent grind their Jaycee.
  10. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets Jaycee.
I am interested in - do tell me about


I'm thinking. Should I put this in my profile page?

And I have a question: Are the snakes here male? ;)

And please, please, please don't tell the Nicaraguans my whereabouts.



READ THIS: Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw beautiful young women into a volcano it would stop erupting.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Great Buns!

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rose of titanic

Through Diane S. I got to this Angry Alien site by Jennifer Shiman.

We've all watched artists re-enact other artists, but this one is pretty diferent and creative.

Having bunnies to re-enact, is that less expensive or what?

And you surely have to see the "Exclusive Spokesbunny Footage from the Starz-sponsored Bunnies Satellite Media Tour."

Great talented people bunnies!


Note: Titanic Bun pic from wwww.angryalien.com.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

So Much For "Friday the 13th"

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And yes, Yahoo!Horoscopes started my "Friday the 13th" with:

Be your own personal pep squad. If you put yourself out there, you can really make a difference -- and make some very healthy changes in your own life. Remember, you can do it -- you can, you can!

My birthday is on a 13th. And often, it falls on a Friday. So in my younger days, I'm busy praying that I get the BEST of luck that day could offer rather than thinking of who among in Hollywood would be celebrating with me.

And I've learned to give that "story" up.

Are you paraskavedekatriaphobic?

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Forgive Our [Lack of] Sense of Humor

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The Bushwackers

In college, Kate and I are the "Luke and Butch" of Mass Comm (at least to some close friends who know who "Butch" is).

When one gets to talk to us both, we cannot promise that his or her head (and tummy) won't ache in a few minutes due to our random sense of humor (combined).

Besides pissing humor-intolerant people off, Kate and I have our own episodes of "dork shopping" and "dork talk." At times, as it appeared to me, people get lost when the two of us talk about HTML and CSS codes over lunch.

When we were assigned to visit and take notes of a fair, we found ourselves comparing the arcades at Megamall.

Among our close friends, we both don't live with our parents and that factor alone made us attend all concerts and watch movies we could accommodate in our schedules.

Even after graduation, we, together with some of our friends, get to meet and have coffee together.

And last Thursday, we produced these pics:


Our idea of Half-Nekkid Thursday.

One word to describe us: GAY SPONTANEOUS.

Thanks to Kate for the laughs, tears, music, fries, and grass rippling that we've shared together. Here's to more laughs, dude!



Note: Bushwacker pic by Greg Oliver, from CANOE.

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a tribute. *wink wink*



If you still have time to read, read on.

Kate wrote this one. Nice.


I have a body made of holes.

As a child, I have been taught a riddle in the language – this guava has seven holes? And the answer would be my head.

These are the holes I have in common with my boyfriend of three months. Two holes to see with; two more to hear with. Through two more I breathe, through one big gap I talk in whispers, screams or both.

But more than that, I have a hole between my legs. It bleeds for a week every month; it’s almost like a wound, only it doesn’t heal. My mother used to say, this hole was what made me different from boys. And the wound, what made me different as a ‘woman’.

(And to be different as a ‘woman’ also meant swollen chests, sharp manicured nails and stiletto heels.)

All this fuss with jewelry and fashion and makeup, I feel, have always been attempts at covering up for something I innately lacked. As if this hole at the entrance of my womb signifies a lifelong need to be filled.

So I pierce my earlobes and hang something shiny; paint my parted lips deep blood red. I colored my eyelids ash blue tonight, because he said blue signified purity, and I am pure.

(He said if I really loved him, I would want to see if we fit.)

Pure. My cigarette is done. I look past my toes and crush the embers out with the tip of my boot. My mother used to tell me smoking was like pushing holes into my lungs. But then, there are many other holes in my body. Many other holes – mostly unseen and not of my making.

All this preoccupation with being filled and covering the gaps. Does it make me less of a woman, to be untouched? Does it make me empty?

They’re always talking about needing a man. Because a woman needs a man. Like puzzle pieces completing a picture.

(He used that line on me, once. When men put it that way, it’s just an illusion of a supposed equality. And illusions are useful tools for seduction)

But the bottom line is – it is never fair. I know we are not complements, like the image of conjoined puzzle pieces suggests; he does not need me more than I need him. Because this body is one big hole, and it’s all for him to fill. Or mend. Or patch up. Or something like it.

And it just strikes me, how he’d probably known that all along.

There’s liquid seeping out of the hole at the corner of my eye. I stare at my reflection off the dingy motel’s window and see it running past the curves of my face, leaving an ashen blue-black trail in its wake.

They say: A woman needs a man; needs to know if she fits in with another; needs to have the gaps covered; needs the hole filled. They say: A woman needs.

I have two holes for eyes, two holes for ears, two holes to use for breathing. One big gap to speak out in whimpers and yells. There are holes in my earlobes for pretty, glittery things, and a wound between my legs.

I didn’t ask for such a hole-ridden body; but looking at the way my sallow reflection can still hold a certain beauty, I just think maybe – maybe, there shouldn’t be anything else left to need.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams

posted by letter shredder at 1:10 PM

mike fossum, from www.nasa.com

I met a Texan businessman last Saturday, Terry Fossum. He taught me how to properly say "Howdy" (Texan style) and a lot of other things regarding attitude and character towards business.

The picture above is his brother, Mike Fossum.

And I've learned a lot from the story Terry told about his family.

They grew up in an area along the border of Mexico, their house practically barred. Their father was killed when Terry was in high school. He even remembers a guy coming to their house telling his father that none of them (Terry and his two siblings) would be ANYTHING in the future.

The Fossum brothers obviously proved that man wrong.

Terry became a captain in the US Air Force in charge of the B-52 Bombers.

from www.fas.org

In 1991, he quit his job and is now a successful businessman.

His brother has another story. Mike wanted to become an astronaut. With a background of being "from the border," many people thought he was crazy. He tried. And as Terry says it, "Not all stories have happy endings." Mike failed.

Mike had the spirit and tried again the next year. Again, he failed.

Still, he did not give up. For five years, he tried and failed. From being COURAGEOUS and PERSISTENT, he was called STUBBORN.

On the sixth year, he tried again. And his neighbor across the street got in. They got six, he was seventh. Terry said he knew how terrible Mike felt when that happened. Mike was happy for his neighbor and friend, but he still lost the chance.

Next year, the seventh year, Mike tried it again. And people from NASA, mostly his friends, call him CRAZY because he was messing up his career. They were telling him that he wouldn't be admitted because he was already too old.

Terry found out about it and immediately called his brother Mike. And he said, "I couldn't be more proud of you."

On the seventh year, he made it. Now, he is part of the crew for the STS-121 as a mission specialist.

STS-121 crew, from www.nasa.gov

According to NASA, "this second Return to Flight test mission is to carry on analysis of safety improvements that debuted on the first Return to Flight mission, STS-114, and build upon those tests."

mission patch, from www.nasa.gov

Through Terry, he sent me and my business partners a message, "Never give up!"



What are your dreams? And what are you ready to do, no matter what, to achieve them?


note: pics from www.fas.org and www.nasa.gov
Thanks to Terry Fossum for a very inspiring story. Bring it on!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"May INC Ka Pa!"

posted by letter shredder at 3:47 PM

from email

A message for all UP Mass Comm Alumni.

*note: INC = incomplete, grade or rating given to students when requirements are not all met.


Too bad I'm still in the office by then. I'm sure this would be another FUN night.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate... Eclairs

posted by letter shredder at 3:09 PM

chocolate eclairs

HE and my favorite chocolate candy when I was 3 years old are of the same name. Yeah, funny coincidence.

My mom used to tell everyone how I cry asking my grandfather to buy me those chocolate eclairs. At 16, my mom found out about HIM through a letter Oman gave me which I left in the piles of books at home.

Then I saw HIM again a week ago. HE hasn't changed a lot, just that he's no longer as skinny as he was in high school. I was expecting it -- I was no longer moved by HIS presence.

I joined the girls when they went inside the house to watch a particular program they've been watching. He followed us. I did not pay much attention to the TV since I've read the synopsis/spoiler of that program. I just left the table where most of our high school friends were because I'd be alone surrounded by couples.

We haven't seen each other for quite a long time so HE asked me how I was. I said I was fine. Then HE asked who my boyfriend is and how many boyfriends have I had. I said, "None." HE thought I was kidding and insisted that I answer his question. I just laughed.

I threw the question back to HIM (not necessarily, "How many BOYFRIENDS have you had?"). I asked him if it were still them, HIM and the girl from Batangas. He said they're no longer together. And then HE told me HE knew that I went to their apartment in UPLB with RJ, HIS cousin who fetched me at UPDthe previous night.

I told HIM I knew HE was also there. HE was asking me why I did not send HIM any message to inform him that I was about to go there. I told HIM it was not really planned and that HE was busy with HIS girlfriend who was with HIM in the other room.

HE said HE'd still come out and see me. And I just gave HIM the Yeah, right! look.

We talked about other friends, whether or not we've seen or communicated with them. Later, I just went out because I wasn't really interested in watching TV. But I came back for the same reason why I first came in. I can talk to the people outside but I did not want to become a third wheel to any pair. The others were busy drinking and some more people were there whom I don't recognize. For sure, they were RJ's friends. It was his party.

The second time I came in, I told them it felt awkward to sit with couples. The girls laughed and agreed. Then HE butted in that HE'd join me outside and we'd go there as a "couple."

But I did not take it seriously. RJ appeared in the room and I dragged him outside. I asked him about the biggest surprise that night -- his girlfriend appeared pregnant.

After a few songs with the videoke, HE requested that I sing My Immortal by Evanescene. I did. I also liked that song.

Much later, Runaway by The Corrs played. At one point I felt trapped. It was what I sang for HIM in a band when I was in high school. The whole group had stories about that song. Some knew mine and I am happy the alcohol excused me from being grilled right there and then.

Later, I got to sit with HIM again. Then HE asked me again who my boyfriend is. Then I told HIM, AGAIN, I have no boyfriend.

Then I told HIM, "YOUR girlfriend is one of my college friend's best friend." I also said that right now, I share an apartment with the same college friend I was talking about." Then HE admitted that it is still THEM.

Later, my other friends joined the conversation and they talked about the girlfriends HE had whom they've already met. I've not seen them. I'm not sure what other things we've talked about but I ended up telling HIM, "I AM THANKFUL THAT IT DID NOT BECOME US." It was said like a joke and I got away with it.

But I meant it. Really meant it.

We're still close friends, and I am very comfortable at that.

At home, I told my mom I saw HIM and she asked me if I still like BENSON. I said, "No."


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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Herbs are Your Life...

posted by letter shredder at 6:03 PM

Focus on the title.


I dealt with a case that involves the person behind that successful company. I never realized it was a rather big story in the US. And I almost went nuts when I encountered French terms the lawyers were consistently using in their arguments.


Well, I know I've not posted anything very interesting/long these past few days. Being sick isn't an excuse though. This seek has been the week where I had most rest and was still able to have dinner and coffee with friends. Next week, I'd be back to my old sked. NO MORE TV.


Tomorrow, I'll make up for the days I wasn't able to post much.

See yah!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sick and Beautiful, Again

posted by letter shredder at 12:09 PM

Oh, yes, I am. I think I'm in the process of catching flu. I am getting much rest (like six hours of sleep every night). Have to be fit for this weekend's business training.

For sure, this isn't bird flu. I haven't been in speaking terms with birds... to my knowledge.

(Sings in tune of Alanis's Hand in My Pocket)

I'm sick but I'm working, yeah...


I chose not to start the year with a "bang." Still with my long hair, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Will be thinking of some new styles to choose from before my birthday...

More updates next time.

Happy new year, everyone!

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