What's your favorite disguise? [/meta]

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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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Dork mode (to the nth level)

yes, i'm back to my dork mode... just last week, i started reading my "Introduction to ColdFusion" book...


Never underestimate the power of the dorks!

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To Do (this summer)

    ang tropa may scheduled activities this summer:
  • trip to puerto galera (after exploiting puerto azul)
  • pag-akyat sa pico de loro (ang ilong ng mt. buntis) then spend the night there
  • unannounced swimming
  • unannounced inuman
  • unscheduled road trips (matapos mahimas-himasan sa inuman)

i'm really blessed to have them as friends...

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Internship: A Prologue

i've started my internship at CMFR. astig naman. i was assigned to do the Discourse Analysis of The Insider from April 19 to May 7. after the orientation in Makati, i went home with three VHS tapes...

pakers! may homework na!

if i would add all the time i've spent in time-keeping and conducting the discourse, i am already through with my internship.

with flying colors pa!

as i was saying, i went to CMFR yesterday. went there too early because julie requested me to join her for her interview. arrived there by 11am. by 11:30, Kuya Bryant was tellin me what i am suppose to do...not the sceduled DA.

he said i have to come up with the story about Zoe Chanel 11.

at ang ibinigay niya lang sa akin... "April 18, Zoe story."


deadline: 3pm of the same day!

so sinisid ko lahat ng dyaryo dun sa likod at hinanap yung published nung april 18 at 19. shit! iisa lang! maya-maya, tumulong na sina julie at melodie...

may isa... pero april 16! at may isa pa, april 15!

so all in all, i have three articles to work on. pakers! 2pm ako natapos sa paghahanap.

before 3pm, ate evelyn extended my deadline to 6pm.

by 4pm, i am done with the article.

at ang final loop sa roller coaster... editing...

after reading my article, ate evelyn just changed some fonts and italicized some words.


afterwards, they said they have to ask Sir Teodoro if they would still assign me to interview any source for the story.

hope i get to read the article posted on their site.

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lately, i am picturing my car with the color green... yes, the avocado look! then, i envisioned my house with the shades of green...


then when i checked my closet, most of my clothes are of the shades of green...


i guess i'm being green-minded lately...tsk.

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Friday, April 16, 2004

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yes, i am back to the condo unit i stayed in for more than a year. i am back with my high school classmates. mas prone sa inuman ngayon, pero ok lang, hindi rin naman talaga ako kayang pilitin eh. 'pag daw nag-iinom, nagmemeryenda lang ako kasi pulutan at chaser lang ang pinapakialaman ko.

at ang tanong ni tati, "jaycee, kailan ka ba talaga iinom?"

i can't still answer that. i've told everyone why i choose not to drink.

pero i have to admit, there is one reason i don't want to tell you... you'll just know when i've accomplished that already.

sabi ko pa kina neal at tati, "matakot kayo 'pag ako na nagyakag."

sabi naman ni neal, "jaycee, kahit tanghali!"

tapos may moment of minding... bumanat ulit si neal," ihanap kaya kita ng manliligaw tapos 'pag sasagutin mo na eh sasabihin sa'yong 'jaycee, hindi pala kita mahal...'"

evil plot para lang uminom ako.

sabi ko naman,"magbigay ka rin ng kaunting hint kung kailan para mapag-ipunan ko."

one SERIOUS prob i have at the flat right now is... *insert thunder here*

all my flatmates are lovestrucked!

they are all texting their "babies!"


of course i am happy for these peepz, pero sobra na 'yung mushy environment sa flat. well, malamang ganito talaga 'pag hindi in-love... more 'pag never been in love...

so, goodluck na lang sa akin!

then we were arguing about endearments. sabi ko ayoko ng baby, kasi masyado ngang mushy.

gusto ko, "Tiger..."

pero ewan din... how would i know? baka mamaya, kainin ko rin 'yung sinabi ko.

tulad 'nung inaabangan ni cleng na sabihin ko 'yung, "baby, tama na..."


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Spice Girl!

i remember a song by the spice girls "say you'll be there" with the line "will this deja vu never end?"

and another song with the intro "here i am again..." i think that happens to be the title, too.

if these songs had love for a theme, i had the CMFR volunteer work for myself.

well, marathon na naman ng mga news reports. and now, as i formally start my internship, i have to do the Discourse Analysis for TV Patrol and News Central.

there would still be other episodes that i have to analyze since i am officially in-charge of The Insider from April 19 to May 7.

i would also be given the task to research on the different election polls around the world and compare them to the local ones we have.

there will also be a research on the showbiz personalities who entered politics.

the first is challenging; the second is exciting. pero...i prefer the former.

Sir Teodoro has warned us about the "timpla ng kape" we should avoid and report. i was more terrified (take note!) of the harrassment that may happen coz there were some interns from CEU who were harrassed, according to Sir Teodoro. pero Sir also made it clear that it occurred to broadcast interns...

buti na lang... HAHAHAHA!!!

pero may theory pa rin ako na kaya may nakakasuhan ng rape eh dahil may hindi nag-e-enjoy, di ba?

eh dinahas (whew!) mo na nga, hindi pa nag-enjoy! kalaboso!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

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I do believe in fairies (I do, I do)

watched Peter Pan yesterday...with vidal, neal and tati.

it was a good movie. in terms of the elements of fantasy, it was really good for kids. especially if you consider the fighting scenes with the pirates.

pero 'yung intimate moments nina peter at wendy...hindi yata pwede. if a child is watching this flick, an adult should explain the kissing part well...

i think so.

when i saw the credits, there was only one actor who played capt. hook and mr. darling. does that mean wendy had the image of a villain for her father? well, there was a scene where she questioned her father's bravery...

i'm not that particular with the "real" story aside from the fact that capt. hook really lost his rigth hand but Disney's version had the left... read that in the Disney Encyclopedia at the library...

Tiger Lily still remains my favorite character... and Slightly of the Lost Boys.

thanks to this movie, i now have an idea of a more creative Tinkerbell costume that i could wear... hahahaha!

and according to mrs. darling, there are different kinds of bravery. thinking of others before one's self is bravery.

before i forget, i want to give a timble... *grin*

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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back to school!!!

holy week gave me enough rest and fix/reorient/reset/restart/reboot my biological clock. i had the dilemma (awww!) of being asleep in the morning and being awake in the evening. now i know how it feels to be in a call center during the graveyard shift.

i was happy the past week. i saw my friends. i saw old acquaintances.

saturday before palm sunday, i had to make four clones of myself.

  • tati was inviting me to spend the night in tagaytay
  • henry was having a birthday blowout
  • close friends were asking me to meet them in laarni's house
  • almi was especting me in batangas
  • pinapauwi na ako ng nanay ko

well, i wasnt able to go to tagaytay pero there would always have time for that. i went home then i went to laarni's house. then i met oman to go to henry's house.


sa party ni henry, i saw benson there... at ang dati kong crush ay may PTB...

permit to bugaw! wala daw siyang girlfriend ngayon. he said he's not ready for a serious relationship, though. i am very proud of him... kasi babae pa rin gusto niya.

panalo na ako sa pustahan ni oman, dun sa RJ-Shayne balikan. Hehehe!!! sa party, nagpustahan na naman kami. nanalo na naman ako dahl naka-score ako kay benson! *grin*

pero later that night, goodness! parang inaagawan na ako ni oman. kaya hinila ko siya at sinabi kong walang agawan. tawa lang si kumag.

nag-videoke. dahil puro lalake, video ni diana zubiri ang nakasalang. for that, gusto kong ibato ang monitor!

later, winamp na lang ang pinagtiyagaan namin.


kumanta ang mga hudyo kong kaibigan. si oman, gumawa ng sariling stage. para talaga silang hindi nakapasok sa starstruck. basti artadi daw...

eh basted naman!

may laglagan pa kami... ako lang ang hindi nailaglag, kasi ako ang pinakamagaling kumapit at kaya ko rin silang ilaglag...

ayun, nakanta ko na rin yung 'my immortal' sa kanila... nice daw sabi ni rj at oman. akala ko kaibigan ko lang sila, kamag-anak rin pala! hehehe! pumayag maging fans eh. pero eversince highschool, si rj na yung ultimate mentor ko sa basketball. at si oman ang cheerer!!!

tapos, kinantahan ako ni oman ng atomica ng wolfgang...

at kinantahan ako ni rj ng panaginip ng POT...

syempre hindi lang dun natapos ang lahat. si janmic, bangag! si melvin, kausap ko sa javascript.

sabi ni paul, mas mabuti na walang tulog, kaysa walang gising! tama naman siya...

haaay... it is really nice to know that i still have my friends... guy friends...

sabi pa nila, "kung mahal ka talaga ng boyfriend mo, dalhin mo dito..."

i am formally starting my internship at CMFR. the good news is, rj is about to spend his internship in makati, too!

sabi ni RJ, "tara, mag-live-in na tayo..."


lately, inaaraw-araw ko ang pagpunta sa tabing-dagat. ang gara nga eh. i'm appreciating the scenery that i've not given much attention before...

pumunta ako sa bahay ng lola ko. gusto kong pumuntang starbucks sa tagaytay kaso wala akong kasama. kaya nga i can imagine myself going back there. sitting alone, and reminiscing the times when i was there with my friends... haaaay...

i'm happy.

but i could be happier.

and at the same time make someone else feel complete... by sharing that happiness...

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

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Gusto ko ng remote controlled na big foot!!! who's ready for a race?

i have not played Tekken for a while... at basketball! even frisbee!

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Restrained Outburst (Director's Cut)

To the CMFR volunteers who are not responsible enough to do their tasks,

Go to hell!

i have not slept properly for three consecutive days because i have to shoulder all the load that you neglected for the past two weeks. sira na talaga biological clock ko! every night, may marathon ako ng TV Patrol, The Insider at News Central for time keeping and discourse analysis. in one night, i have to finish 9 episodes just to fill in the data gaps...

lalo akong nawalan ng social life at nadagdagan ang definition ko ng night life.

Night life: pagpunta sa Makati nang 9pm, hindi para makapanlalake kundi para magreview na VHS tapes ng news programs. araw-araw na yata ako sa Makati!

people, if you cannot do the tasks you committed yourself to, inform me immediately. and i would really appreciate if you exert any effort to go to Makati and review the programs you've missed.

i like this VOLUNTEER work, pero hindi biro 'yung tambakan n'yo ako ng more than 20 episodes that should be finished in two days, considering na may interviews pa akong inaasikaso sa Ortigas!

To angelcaptor (my foot!),

Damn you!

how dare you not include my final report in the fianl group report when in the first place it was i who made our midterm paper! you just don't know what hell you caused me today!

'wag kang magpapakita sa akin sa masscom, dahil gugulong ka talaga sa hagdan! kung gusto mo mas may adrenaline rush, isasabit kita sa skywalk!

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Ahhhh!!! Nakita ko si Ira Cruz sa Galle!

Pasensya na, crush ko talaga siya! Kaya kahit tatlong araw na akong hindi natutulog eh inabot pa rin ako nang 4am sa UP Fair. Inabangan ko talaga si Ira Cruz at si Karl Roy!

*mushy mode*

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