What's your favorite disguise? [/meta]

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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Friday, April 21, 2006

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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First, I recommend that you spare 30 seconds of your time to watchAngry Alien's version of Brokeback Mountain.

Then on with our conversation...


One of the guys I like in high school once sat beside me and talked to me about realizing the importance of things and people when they are already gone. Cliche it is, but the context of when and how he initiated the conversation was what I really remember (for another post).

I have always dreamt BIG and it is now that I realize what MINDSET and BEING I must possess to achieve them. However, as I dream BIG, there were some things, although not really gone, that I've forgotten about.

Evaluating my performance, I wasn't doing very good. And I was so upset about it. I seem to know what to do and there are people assisting me but I've been so afraid to do what I am told. I've realized I've become so attached to results and have been afraid of losing control of situations that I prefer to remain standing still or to regress.

The time that I badly needed a good laugh, I was so thankful there were a few people whom I can turn to. With them, I remembered a lot of good things -- the simple significant things.

I may seem a tough nut to crack. But other than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are the things you can bribe me with:

  • ketchup

  • ice cream

  • rain dancing

  • race cars

  • Pugad Baboy

  • a kiss

  • breaking male egos (Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

  • some senseless talk

  • dinner


  • coffee with friends

  • basketball

  • Tagaytay

  • walking barefooted on the beach

  • snorkeling

  • blog hopping

  • alternative music

  • crepe

  • the crisp sound of dry leaves once you step on them

  • DVD's

  • remote controlled cars

  • chocolate cakes

  • pop-tarts (too bad these aren't sold in the Philippines)

  • checking out cars

  • playing with children

  • japanese corn

  • arcade

  • frisbee

  • outwitting men

  • sleeping

  • late night conversations over coffee

  • listening to people (means they trust you)

  • cooking

  • road trips

  • concerts

  • Alpine White Chocolate

  • band practice

  • pizza

  • isaw

  • pasta

  • Capitalism II

  • reruns of Friends

  • playing cards

  • sleepovers

  • laughing while being chased

  • siomai

  • board shorts

  • Alanis Morissette

  • Billabong

  • dangling earrings

  • Converse Chuck Taylors

  • Fender

  • tech magazines

  • videoke

  • PS

  • cook book

  • magazines of home architectures

  • mountain climbing

  • reading

  • painting (especially when I know another person is going to clean the mess)

I hope you were able to identify some of your favorites with my list.

Of course, I love reading and responding to the comments and e-mails I receive in reaction to my posts. It is also great to read other people's blogs and learn about the different realities each person belongs to.

Dreaming BIG is a good thing. But no matter how simple things may be, they will always be significant.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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I have not updated for a while. Holy week did not turn to be a break for me to unwind and I'm still pretty tired. I feel sick due to a lot of stress. If you'll notice, my previous posts seem to be too cranky. Hehe.

I'd be posting soon.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Gathering (Non-friction)

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We attended a family reunion last Sunday. I am excited to meet cousins from my grandfather's siblings. Expecting only a few people to come, I never really make an effort to dress up. Just decent, to be exact.

By lunch time, we reached a clubhouse in Imus where all the beso-beso and chitchat are expected to occur. Just "decent," I found out that everyone in my grandfather's family from the nth root to the nth level is present and that it was a pool party.

Just after eating lunch, I was disowned not because of how or what I ate. I approached my grandfather's brother to kiss his hand when he asked me, "Whose daughter-in-law are you?"

Well, I don't know either.

There were games that the kids enjoyed. There was a band but I was least interested in their music so I just sat there and enjoyed talking to some of my aunts and cousins. The three ladies singing probably got hungry and offered the stage to anyone who wants to sing.

Bad idea.

My mom and dad were asking me to do so. I told them I didn't want to so they quit.

For a while.

My aunt was asked to sing but she refused so I was the next on death row.

I didn't want to create a scene so I silently walked towards the stage. Everyone's eyes were on me I felt like a prey. I asked the guy on keyboards if they know any Alanis song. He said no. Well, what am I supposed to expect? This is a show band. The guitarist advised me to approach the girls on vocals. So I did. Then we settled with one song.

The undying My Immortal by Evenescence.

When was the last time I sang this?

I refused to face the crowd and focused on the guy previously on guitars and now on the keyboards. The people were quiet. They must be thinking, "What the hell is this girl singing?" It's not the best song for a family reunion but the band and me are not on the same wavelength when it comes to music. This is waaaay better than La Cucaracha or Copa Cobana.

So I sang. I'm sure no one would dare to criticize me there and then because I'm family. Before I embarrass myself further, I returned to our table after one song. Thanks to my aunts who clapped afterwards though I'm sure a lot of effort had to go with it (I wonder what they'll ask from me this Christmas).

My sister explained to them I wanted to sing Lacuna Coil. Now, am I supposed to thank her?

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drag Queen and the Bohemian Rhapsody

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Rent, pic from allposters.com

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

Talking about last song syndrome, I've been singing this song (Seasons of Love, current mood on sidebar) since last night but not progressing beyond the first stanza.

Just last night, I became an official drag queen. Yeah, you can drag me everywhere.

I was about to go home when I found out that Ice and Kate are watching Rent at Greenbelt. Since I wasn't in a hurry going home and I haven't seen Ice for a while, I met with them. I didn't really intend to watch the movie since it's a Monday night and I wasn't in the mood for one musical flick, and I just realized that I forgot my wallet at home.

Later on, I was coerced.

Back in college, I find myself in (insert any place or event here) with these two draggies (no better term, hehe). One time, after we registered for the semester, we decided to eat somewhere along Katipunan but ended up in Megamall (about two cities away). Ice would often be the one driving while I tell her the directions. Kate would then enable us use the parking space for the differently abled.

Nah... She's the culinary reductionist, best in suggesting what to eat.

Another time, Kate and I were about to go home when Ice called telling us she has some tickets for the MTV Summit concert that same night. In less than a minute, we were able to plan where to meet in an hour.

Last night was no different. And it was, again, fun.

The Draggies

To eat or not to eat, that's not a question.
The Culinary Reductionist

Thanks, guys! I badly need a good laugh.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Pilgrimage

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I am having a hard time posting that's why I wasn't able to update for the past few days. Pleading, my computer finally gave me a chance to do so.

Last weekend, I wasn't able to watch Ice Age 2 with my little brother because we travelled north to Pangasinan and visited Our Lady of Manaoag. We woke up early since the trip takes about six hours (from Cavite) just to get there. Sitting next to me is my brother.


Most of the time during the trip, we were sleeping. But I woke up at the serene view of the morning fog at NLEX.

good morning!


Finally, we reached our destination. Our Lady of Manaoag is believed to be miraculous. I am not familiar in what specific aspects but A LOT of people come to visit the Virgin.

candles are offered outside of the church

and I mean A LOT of people

We attended the mass and I barely saw the priest. I didn't even see the altar. Believing I'd get to see and take a picture (to post) of the Virgin, I joined my family and endured an hour and a half in line. When we were about ten people away from my goal (by then, it seems to be one), we realized that we will only get a chance to touch the feet of the image through a small window and that we are exactly behind the altar. Hungry and tired from the trip, we thought that this must be sacrifice.

Outside, however, a tree with a large trunk stands where the image was carved. Please bear with the low resolution of my phone and the lighting, but this wood carving is very detailed you might not believe that this masterpiece was done right on the tree.

Our Lady of Manaoag

Just in time for lent, we also had our early visita iglesia. We went to several churches. These are the two I liked most:

Our Lady of Grace
Our Lady of Grace Parish in Mabalacat, Pampanga

Image hosting by Photobucket
Our Lady of Sorrow Parish in Capas, Tarlac

My friends and I believe that for evey new church we visit, we'd wish and it shall be granted. I had several wishes that day but I'm not ready to tell what they are. Well, at least not now.

Being away from home for three weeks, I just wanted to spend the whole day with my family, especially with my brother. We weren't able to watch a movie but it was also fun even if it was sort of unplanned.

pichur, pichur...


And of course, camwhoring... without even combing first. Hehe.

comb, please!
Comb, please.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Simpsons

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The Simpsons was part of my Friday evening when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My parents watch it with us since it was not really a program "for the kids."

My father even bought me a cassette tape of "Do the Bartman." My siblings and I would play it all day long and Lisa's song was my favorite. My aunt even sent us a Simpsons calendar. Until now, I still wonder how Marge manages her hair.

Well, if you've been a fan of The Simpsons, here's a treat for you...

It's just weird how Maggie managed to sit on the couch.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

You've Been Pinked!

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Well, I actually have no April Fool's joke that I can credibly communicate right now. However, when two of my coworkers were sacked yesterday, I told them it's the best joke the management can possibly give to anyone.

I'm in a hurry so I won't post too long. Just can't resist to make a crazy update. I'd be watching Ice Age 2 with my little brother tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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