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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Busy and Dizzy

I have lists of what to do, what should be done, what I want to do, what to do next, what should be done next and what I want to do next! It seems that 24 hours is not enough to accomplish everything and all I can tell myself is that I am being productive. The fact that I'm graduating somehow consoles just to compensate the effort, but depressing at the same time.

I wasn't able to update my blog for a week, until now. Tuesday, I went to Bamboo's concert. Guarding the exit, which is way better than staying at the backstage entrance, was realy exhausting even if you just have to stand there and show people where they should enter.

But that Tuesday effort paid off. I'm now included in UP Underground Music Community Batch 7. Together with me are: Soleil, Jenny, Gillian, Jebs (guitarist of Giniling Festival), Laurie (bassist of Death by Tampon, Jebs' GF), Jovi (drummer of Matilda) and Mei (manager of Slowdive).

I think I'm in a good batch. A very good one indeed. Mike called us the brave Batch 7. Jenny is our Batch Head, the first female batch head in UG.

Wednesday, I had to stay home the whole day because of my allergy.

Thursday, I went to school early to accomplish things that I missed doing the previous day. Almi, Piya and I went to Ateneo to inquire on online courses Ateneo offers. When I asked for Sir Troy, the lady there told me that it's actually Ma'am Troy.

Too bad Kule people had to cancel the mudslinging event of the Student Council candidates. In the afternoon, CMC Student Council held their own sponsored debate. I don't think that was a real debate, though.

I attended the post-event evaluation of UG. It feels new to be in a separate group. I'm no longer with the other people I used to be with, coz being batched seems to be a little higher in the UG hierarchy. But I don't actually feel that way. I just think I'm in a petri dish, being observed under a microscope. Somehow, being in the new batch feels compensating. It's just too good to realize that other people appreciate the efforts I exerted for the organization. However, I was not elated the way I expected to be. I felt more accomplished when I was given the Rock Award during the Underground Dos concert.

Friday, I was with the Records Committee working on the Underground Chronicle. In the afternoon, my Anthro group also went to the house to work on another project.

Saturday, I felt like going home to Cavite but I realized I cannot. I have to finish a lot of work. I missed my family. I plan to go home on Tuesday and probably take care of my little brother--Gavin!

Yani and Isa went to the house, I told them I have no one to talk to so they dropped by. All my housemates went home because it was a long weekend. *sniff* Later, Yani invited us to eat dinner on Timog Avenue. We fetched Kate and Edz, and ate at Dampa (Jecho's Grill). Afterwards, we moved to Libreria to eat cake. The coffee shop had to close so we moved to Starbucks Coffee and waited for Kelly so Yani could meet him.

Well, funny thing is, I was unusually quiet that I was contented to listening to them. I just felt too tired to speak and converse with them. I just realized I have different types of friends in UP. Yani and Edz are not the people I usually hang-out with like Isa and Kate,but I don't feel awkward being with them and we can just talk about anything.

I still have a lot to do and just thinking of them make me sick. I'm really exhausted and missing the Jars of Clay concert on March 2 makes me more miserable!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

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Palagi na lang akong nasa gitna!

Pauwi na ako nang ayain ako ni Lec na sumama sa kanya para mag-edit ng ID's para sa concert ng Bamboo bukas. Kahit gusto ko na talagang umeskapo, sinamahan ko pa rin siya. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, minsan lang naman 'to. Nang paalis na kami sa tambayan, hinabol siya ni Jan, kasama niya sa Batch 6. At ayun, inabot ako ng mga taong nagtatanungan nang malumanay pero mukhang gusto nang magpaliwanagan at aabot sa bulyawan.

Sinubukan kong magsalita, pero ang lalabasan naman ay ang pagkampi ko kung kaninuman. After some short sentences, tumahimik na ako.

Tumuloy kami sa Shopping Center ni Lec, nang matatapos na kaming mag-edit, dumating sina Jan at Pon. Sabi nung dalawa, sila na lang daw bahala. Pero si Lec, in-exit lahat ng naka-open na file sa Photoshop, pati 'yung ginagawa namin. Hindi niya isinave! Nang nakaupo na sina Jan at Pon, sabi ko, tutulungan ko na lang rin sila dahil hindi sila marunong mag-Photoshop. Maya-maya, dumating si Lec, na nagyosi sa labas, at pinatayo ako. Sabi niya, 'wag ko nang ituloy.

Waaaaahhh!!! Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko kanina!

Nag-usap silang tatlo. Nakita ko si Vidal, kaya nag-usap din kaming dalawa. Tapos bigla akong kinalabit ni Lec, aalis na raw siya. Nagpaiwan na rin muna ako, mukhang mainit talaga ulo ni Lec. Hinanap ko 'yung dalawa, at nakita ko silang nag-eedit pa rin. Tinulungan ko na rin.

Waaaaaaahhh! Kanina, feeling ko mamamatay na ako sa kaba. Hindi ko kakayaning awatin 'yung tatlo. Alam kong hindi naman sila magsasakitan, pero paano kung umabot sila sa sigawan?

Lagi na lang ganito... Minsan sa gitna nina Summer at Ron, sa mga kaibigan kong nagpatulan at 'di nagkatuluyan, sa mga babaing pareho ng ex! Ano pa ba ang susunod?


Bukas nang gabi, concert na ng Bamboo sa Bahay ng Alumni at tao ako sa exit. Parusa yata ng langit na kasama ko si "cool na cool" na Maki. Gusto ko naman 'yung trabaho ko. Hindi man ako na-assign sa backstage, nasa front pa rin ako. Buti na lang hindi ako na-assign sa likod. At least, posibleng makita ko talaga 'yung Bamboo.

Last Tuesday, nakita ko 'yung Rivermaya... Bukas, Tuesday rin, Bamboo naman!

Haaaay!!! Nakaka-stress ang araw na ito!

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Friday, February 18, 2005

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Saan Nakakabili ng Body Clock?

I haven't slept but I still went to the UP Fair last Thursday, sponsored by Sigma Beta. I'm happy that most of my friends were able to come and I even saw some high school and grade school friends. I got in for free coz I was able to sell all the tickets Pia gave me. I was not really able to watch most of the artists that performed. Some bands that I really paid with much attention were Giniling Festival, The Brew, Kiko Machine and Cheese.

I saw Kitchie Nadal and Spongecola but I really did not get too excited coz I've seen them perform during the MTV Summit last December 1, 2004 at The Fort. Spongecola's vocals--Yael--did that weird thing again. I really didn't like his "wraaaah!" ala Greyhoundz. He also did it when he was at The Fort, only milder. He was singing Jeepney!

It was my first time to watch Kiko Machine and I really liked them. Ooooh...first times! I liked their costume, even the one dressed like Spiderman. But I think the crowd really appreciated the red bra one of the vocalists wore.

A friendly reminder: Kiko Machine's members are all male.

I saw Manix played the guitar smoothly but my opinion of him did not change. Sorry, Ice.

I'm done scanning articles for the Jaime V. Ongpin Awards. My back aches, though. I had to spend the night at Makati, too. Really missed my bed... my roommates... but not the other two in the other room across ours! Roommates, not housemates!

While in Makati, Yen said we must not fall asleep and we'd slap each other if we do. And here's how our conversation went:

Yen: Walang tulugan, ha?
Jaycee: 'Di pa ako inaantok. Sira na nga body clock ko, eh.
Yen: Eh 'di bumili kang bago!

I think "I'm not sleepy yet" does not equate with "I'm not tired yet," nor "This place must be haunted. I'm hearing things."

I'm not going to the fair tonight... I have to save my energy for tomorrow's.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Where's P.O.T?

I went to the UP Fair last night, sponsored by UP Portia Sorority. I was really frustrated I didn't see Karl Roy but the presence of Rivermaya and Brownman Revival was compensating.

Valentines was happy! We ate at Tia Maria's and had coffee at The Bean Co. both along Tomas Morato. It was Valentines so we said we'll think of happy thoughts (we won't fly coz we don't have fairy dust). Well, our happy thoughts included issues on Sangguniang Kabataan, taxes, wage hike...all unresolved! The happiest thought probably was the couple who sit in front of us, both of them in white shirt. They look cute together. The funny thing is, they weren't talking. It's probably their first date.

Hahaha...coz we don't have our own lovelives to talk about, we talk about others'.


My younger sister texted me and asked where I was that night. I told her I was eating dinner with friends and I was really surprised they were asking where I was that night. Then later, she told me my mom was worried because something happened in Makati. The day after, Nina from UG said seven people died in the said bus bombing incident.

I know I have no rights to immediately judge the perpetrators (I assume they are many) since I don't know them, but killing people for whatever that is that they were fighting for can't really justify what they did to the grieving families of the victims. Two bombing incidents also happened in Gen. Santos and Davao that same night.

And as I post this entry, I'm reading INQ7.net and one of the suspected perpetrators in Davao is a 10-year old child! Police, however, said that the missing boy was just asked to place the bag with explosives at the terminal. It says that three were immediately killed in the Makati blast last Monday night and more than 100 people were wounded. The bombing also damaged five more buses and the guy who left the bag on that RRCG bus boarded at Guadalupe, and alighted before reaching the Ayala loading area.

Abu Sayyaf claims the bombings. PNP didn't easily buy the claim but won't totally disregard it. Gen. Aglipay said MILF is also included in the investigations. Report still says the bombs were different but all had TNT; bomb in Davao contained shrapnel. Bombs were also found in ParaƱaque last Monday, with TNT and C-4.

What a way to say "I love you" on Valentines!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

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Happy S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)!

Instead of thinking of a date today, I'm in fron of the computr monitor working on our thesis paper. As I've mentioned on a previous entry, Feb. 14 isn't just Valentines Day! It is also the due date of the first draft of our thesis...

Tonight, I'll eat dinner with my friends to celebrate Happy SAD. Since it's dinner, it's not supposed to be SAD anymore... To qualify the dinner, Happy SAND (Single Awareness Night Dinner). Melai said we don't eat dinner at daytime! To Melai, please bear with us...

Yesterday afternoon, someone called me. Unluckily, my phone is turned off and recharging the battery. The number was unfamiliar. A message followed coming from the same number, asking me about the deadline tomorrow.

When I talked to some friends, I asked them whose number it was and nobody knew. I already sent a message but the person has not identified himself or herself.

At 12:17 am, I received a message. The number registered, and the message says it was Lawrence! Bwahahaha! Sorry Kate!

Am really sorry...

I did not fuckin' break your heart... *wink*

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Friday, February 11, 2005

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Boyfriend Hirit 101

Last week, nag-email ang Tita ko dahil pinabibili niya ako ng mga Gameboy Advance SP tapes. At may pambungad na pagbati ang Tita ko.

Tita Luz: Anung gusto mong regalo sa graduation? Boyfriend? Ihihingi kita sa langit...

Jaycee: Tita, mas madaling bumili ng kotse kaysa humanap ng matinong boyfriend.

Noong Lunes naman, kasabay kong kumain sina Don at Awin ng dinner.

Awin: Jaycee, pahinging ulam, ha?

Jaycee: Sige lang.(Tumingin sa ulam ni Awin, 'di ko nawari.) Ano ba 'yang ulam mo?

Awin: Tuna, na may itlog.

Jaycee: Ay, hindi pwede sa akin. May allergy ako.

Don: Kaya wala kang boyfriend eh.

Jaycee: Kaya nga pwede akong sumama sa inyong dalawa eh.

Awin: (Tumingin nang masama sa akin.)

Don: (Hindi na kumibo.)

Jaycee: (Wore that evil grin the whole night. I contently slept that night.)

Minsan, binati ko si Leslie (taga-UG) dahil sinagot na niya si Yop (Heughp? Paano ba ito i-spell?). Kalaro ko noon sina Jhoanne at Ram ng baraha.

Jaycee: Leslie, blooming ka, ah?

Jhoanne: Oo nga eh.

Jaycee: Sabi ng mga blocmates ko, ganyan talaga 'pag first four months.

Ram: Talaga? Eh paano 'pag lampas na ng four months pero blooimg pa rin?

Jaycee: Ahhh...(oo nga, noh?) Ibig sabihin nun, may bago na siyang boyfriend.

Ram: Oo nga, noh?

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

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Elepante sa EDSA

Better than Ezra's "At the Stars" is stuck in my head... But I'm pretty much enjoying it. Sick!

I saw Alanis' Precious Illusions music video yesterday. Astig!

I consider this week my hell week. But I'm happy Tati's back. Yesterday she told me that she also had dengue. Among my friends, she's the third one who got stung by a deadly mosquito.


Could it be that I am that mosquito?!?

Nah, I'm too big to be a mosquito.

Anyway, the other night my head ached because of these tricky questions guys from the Underground have been asking me.

And the funniest (and ancient) was Mike's "Saan pinakamagandang magtago ng elepante?"

Answer: sa EDSA.

Follow-up question: Bakit?

Answer: Bakit nakakita ka na ba ng elepante sa EDSA?


Then I said, "Oo! May nakatakas dati, 'di ba?"

Mike said, "Dumaan lang 'yun pero sa Tomas Morato nagtago."


I'm really excited about the February 22 concert of Bamboo in UP. I hope I get a backstage assignment so I can be meet Ira Cruz again.

*blush blush*

...blame us because we are who we are...
...i've already learned enough to know...

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Monday, February 07, 2005

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I'm joining another committee!

This afternoon, after my class in Anthro 187, Mike has included me in the records committee of the UP Underground.

The new committee is preparing for a newsletter and a folio at the moment. Jamoi, the Committee Head, has assigned me to be the Head Layout Artist. I'll give credit to my journ background.

Well, I went to PDI and dropped a letter requesting for an interview with the News Editor--Jun Engracia. He has not arrived by the time that I was there. I can't wait coz I still have to go to UP and attend that Sex and Culture class.

Topic for the the meeting: The Sexual Sequence

Well, I thought only narratives have tolerable and functional sequences! *minding* Virgin!

Prof's lecture (in order):
  • eye to body
  • eye to eye
  • voice to voice
  • hand to hand
  • arm to shoulder
  • arm to waist
  • mouth to mouth
  • hand to head
  • hand to body
  • mouth to breast
  • hand to genitals
  • genitals to genitals

    Now, where's the "head to head part?"

    I somehow find the lecture interesting specially when my professor was emphasizing the importance of the sequence.


    He asked the guys in the room about the "eye to body" part. Objectification of women! Evil!

    There were only three guys in the room aside from the professor (yes, he's a he!)

    One of the guys said he looks at the face of a woman to check if she's friendly or otherwise. Then, it turned out that the prof was not waiting for that kind of answer.

    He said he is attracted to "well-developed breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, well-shaped legs and smooth, fair complexion."

    The hell I care about what my prof wants but I find it unjust to only ask the men. One of the three guys was Justin, Vidal's thesis partner. I HATE HIM! When he actually read the sequence before my prof started the lecture, he was saying, "Been there, done that."

    I instantly raised my left eyebrow and I wanted to yell at him, "As if anyone cares!" I don't think anyone from the class likes him or is attracted to him! I told Inah I hate him and she said most of us does.

    I think he's also starting to irritate the guys! The other two guys aside from Justin are "cute." But I did not hate them just because I somehow liked them. I just think Justin hasn't realy have that sexual encounter that's why he speaksof it so often..in class!

    Tomorrow I'd see him again. Unfortunately, he's my classmate in STS.

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    Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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    I had my terrible exam in STS this afternoon. After the exam, Isa and I ate isaw near the Ilang-ilang Residence Hall. Since the exam was intoxicating, we thought we needed to eat something exotic...


    Now, where did that come from?!?

    I went to visit Tati at San Juan De Dios Hospital because she was admitted last Monday. She has typhoid fever. I found Neal and Vidal there. Surprisingly, they are not eating.

    Later I found out they just ate.

    After a few hours, we went home and ate dinner. For a change, we ate at... McDonald's! Guess where? For a new ambience, we chose the one at Philcoa!

    Wow! Whattan omazing offah!

    Butt weight!

    Dersmor! Call within the next 15 minutes and you'll receive, not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4! BUTT 5 gravy refills for your burger!

    Whattan omazing offah!

    *thunder clap*

    I think i just got infected with a more fatal virus--Neal's!

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    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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    Done with the interview with Vince Rodriguez of Studio 23. Oo, interview lang!

    My feet hurt... And I can't think of anything useful or interesting right now. Brain drain!

    We're having our midterm exam in STS tomorrow afternoon. HELP! I have not read half of the hand-outs!

    Earlier, I just read the deadline for the scanning activity... Feb. 18, I'm doomed! I told Kate I can't join her to Cover and Pages on the 16th.

    Feb. 14 is Valentines Day! Happy SAD! But something is more significant on that day!

    *in my Buyoyong voice* Guess what it is?!?

    *insert thunder while playing Maalaala Mo Kaya theme*

    It's the deadline for the first draft of our thesis!

    Well, if there would be anything redeeming... I don't have to go to the dermatologist for a facial treatment just to forget my "dormant" lovelife.

    As if I go to the derma for a facial!


    To all my friends who are single... LET'S CONJUGATE!


    Oooops! Sorry, that was a slip of the tongue... I mean, let's be together and celebrate Happy SAD (Single Awareness Day) with other people. If you are over that "bitter" stage, then let us also invite your LOVED ones.

    I think it would be better to see them single than dating someone else. Hahaha!

    And I just mentioned you just got over that "bitter" pace. Hahaha!

    Sa mga may M.U. (malabong usapan), it's either you make everything clear (choose between all or nothing) or you join us in our mob...


    *sigh* I just told you I can't think of anything significant to mankind.

    Sa Valentines, magtatanim ako ng gulay. 'Yung gulay na namumunga ng thesis paper.

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