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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Where's P.O.T?

I went to the UP Fair last night, sponsored by UP Portia Sorority. I was really frustrated I didn't see Karl Roy but the presence of Rivermaya and Brownman Revival was compensating.

Valentines was happy! We ate at Tia Maria's and had coffee at The Bean Co. both along Tomas Morato. It was Valentines so we said we'll think of happy thoughts (we won't fly coz we don't have fairy dust). Well, our happy thoughts included issues on Sangguniang Kabataan, taxes, wage hike...all unresolved! The happiest thought probably was the couple who sit in front of us, both of them in white shirt. They look cute together. The funny thing is, they weren't talking. It's probably their first date.

Hahaha...coz we don't have our own lovelives to talk about, we talk about others'.


My younger sister texted me and asked where I was that night. I told her I was eating dinner with friends and I was really surprised they were asking where I was that night. Then later, she told me my mom was worried because something happened in Makati. The day after, Nina from UG said seven people died in the said bus bombing incident.

I know I have no rights to immediately judge the perpetrators (I assume they are many) since I don't know them, but killing people for whatever that is that they were fighting for can't really justify what they did to the grieving families of the victims. Two bombing incidents also happened in Gen. Santos and Davao that same night.

And as I post this entry, I'm reading INQ7.net and one of the suspected perpetrators in Davao is a 10-year old child! Police, however, said that the missing boy was just asked to place the bag with explosives at the terminal. It says that three were immediately killed in the Makati blast last Monday night and more than 100 people were wounded. The bombing also damaged five more buses and the guy who left the bag on that RRCG bus boarded at Guadalupe, and alighted before reaching the Ayala loading area.

Abu Sayyaf claims the bombings. PNP didn't easily buy the claim but won't totally disregard it. Gen. Aglipay said MILF is also included in the investigations. Report still says the bombs were different but all had TNT; bomb in Davao contained shrapnel. Bombs were also found in ParaƱaque last Monday, with TNT and C-4.

What a way to say "I love you" on Valentines!

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