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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Statistical Rarity

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just a shot

My high school friends and I met sooner than expected because a friend's mother died last week. In situations like this, scheduled activities are set aside and going to the friend's house together is A MUST.

We initially planned to stay until dawn in our friend's house. Later, the guys planned to have a drink. So some of us went to another friend's house. Apparently, I was the only female there. With me were six boys: my best friend Oman, basketball and guitar coach RJ, and his four apprentice.

The guys didn't really want to drink. Yes, they were drinking but not much. As it appeared to me, they wanted to sit and talk. RJ didn't care much if most weren't joining. He just wanted to sit, drink, and talk.

And I think I know why -- come May 2006, RJ's going to be a father. It's only now that the scary thought begins to sink in.

We were able to talk about RJ and Oman's relationships. They just kept on mentioning names. Of course, I knew those girls. We've talked about them several times. Boys will always be boys.

RJ started questioning Oman and the former mentioned a very familiar name. What was new was the thought that my best friend hooked up with her.

Pretending not surprised at all, I said that can't be since the girl, Clefarie, had a boyfriend by then and I knew the guy as well.

Then my best friend said it was just a fling. RJ began asking when it happened and if it was after he hooked up with Dei, one of Clefarie's best friend.

Feeling sick (an understatement), I just shut up and listened while RJ's questioning, which seemed like a deposition to me, took place. I really felt sick because, omce again, it seems that I was the last one to know (we had a fight over this issue before). It's not that I'm obliging him to tell me everything but I look stupid when people ask me about him and they seem to know more than I do.

When I'm upset, I don't nag. I keep quiet. Awfully quiet. I wanted to ask but I cannot form my questions. Finally, I uttered, "Was this before or after Dei?"

Oman answered, "Stupid, it isn't true." Then they both laughed. I didn't. And I wanted to spank both of them. I wasn't able to laugh because I was still thinking of the complications if that were ever true.

Later, I was yawning a lot and RJ offered food. He said he'd cook anything he'll find in the cupboard or he'd prepare coffee. I didn't want to eat nor drink anything because I was just really sleepy. Although it seems that a miracle just occurred (RJ? Cooking?), I wasn't in the mood to abuse.

We were talking about a lot of things and I'm not sure how we ended up talking about girls that he felt comfortable with but never imagined pursuing. He said there were only a few for him. Knowing how many girls he tried to hook up with, I couldn't agree more. I just listened. And he said it was because of one thing -- MEN CANNOT RISK THE FRIENDSHIP IF THE RELATIONSHIP DOES NOT WORK OUT.

That probably is true. When one crosses the line, he or she could never go back.

To what statistical rarity do you belong?

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