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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Friday, March 04, 2005

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The Pica Rule

It hurts so much that after all you've done and the nights you weren't able to sleep, people would just be offended by your work.

I wouldn't want to make it a real issue. I don't even want to write anything about what happened because I don't want to archive this thing on my blog, but then, I felt like I need to explain.

If they won't let me, or just because I haven't, then I better begin with the people who might just want to read this blog.

I've been working on that lay-out since Friday, even gave up the chance to go home and stay with my family since it's a long weekend. May drama na nga 'yung Nanay ko na baka umuwi na lang ako sa birthday ko.

Monday night, I got the other articles that should be included, including the scanned illustrations. The comic strip isn't arranged yet, so I have to do the editing on Photoshop.

Tuesday, I really wanted to go home to Cavite. I terribly missed my family. So, on my vacant periods, I would come home and finish what I can do. I was able to meet the deadline on Tuesday afternoon. I've shown some of what is to be expected and requested them to do some reediting in case I missed some errors.

Wednesday night, I learned that someone was mad because not all illustrations were included in the lay-out that I did. I wanted to tell them it was not easy to do the lay-out and I did not have much time since I received them on Monday night, it isn't easy to wrap the text on the illustrations either. Besides, we lacked space.

Thursday, I talked to them. They told me we are to do another lay-out on Sunday! There again! Another weekend not at home!

Later, I also found out that one got offended by the editing that I did. There were three articles and I realized that each would need at least a page. I had to edit the three articles to fit them on one page. So you could probably imagine that only a third of each article could be printed.

When I tried to explain about the pica rule to make the editing neat and correct, they said I was being too technical. Then why assign it to me when they would never really consider the prime reason why I was asked to handle the job--I'm a Journalism student!

I know, somehow, I need to say sorry... But I still ask myself why I should. I just needed to explain. But why? I never really wanted to make then think that I am better than anyone else. If they think I am making myself look as though I'm good at this, it is because this is what I am supposed to be good at.

I just wanted to help and the least thing that I would want to do is to get anyone offended. I asked the committee head's permission before I did the editing, and she also blames herself. Even if I were given the "go" signal, I think I am the one who is left to be blamed. Yes, it seems that it is me, ALONE! Coz I did most of the tasks, and I was left to do those tasks.

To these people whom I've accidentally offended, I'm terribly sorry.

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