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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Sunday, August 29, 2004

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kwentong ma-tuldok
minsan, isang gabing hindi naman kami lango pero parang ganun na rin, sa isang Philcoa jeep, patungong mcdo.

TITLE: the point is.

Jaycee: do you get my point?
Kate: I do.
J: You do?
K: I do.
J: You do my point?
K: No, not your point!
J: Then, whose point?
K: My point.
J: Ahh… I do have many points. They for a line segment.
K: Ahh..
J: But sometimes, when I am not sure of a point, they (points) form a ray. Now if two points are unclear, they become a line. (note: mas maganda sana kung may drawing kaso di ko kaya. -kate)
K: Ahh…
J: When points conspire, they form a plane…
K: Ahh…
J: And sometimes, they have different points… that's why they have nonagon, octagon, etc. Because they have different sides.
K: Ahh…
J: But do you know what points are the most intelligent among all points?
K: What?
J: Those that form the Pentagon…
K: Ahh… because they house the CIA.
J: Yeah! Do you get my point?
K: Yes I get your point.
J: You do?
K: Yes.
J: (horrified) No, don't do my point!
K: No, no.. I get your point.
J: (more horrified) Don't get my point! It's mine! Just see the point. (pause) Ahh… but not too much.
K: Okay.
Enter Mamu.
M: Because points…
K to M: Points form a plane.
M: That's exactly the point.
J: Huh?!? Exactly the point?
M: Yes, exactly the point.
J: Can we meet Exactly the Point? Is it/she/he the god/goddess of all points?


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