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posted by letter shredder @ 11:59 a.m. on 1/20/2006

"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Quoting My 4-Year-Old Brother

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It was one of the nights that I got home early. I was watching TV when I received a text message from my sister, Sydney. She wants me to buy a complete costume of Robin (Batman's better half assistant).

Of course, it isn't for herself but for my 4-year-old brother, Gavin. According to Sydney, he also wants a "Justig Lig costug," too (Justice League costume).

I was 17 when Gavin was born. When he was barely a year old, at times, I was mistaken as his mom, accused of not taking sex education seriously therefore increasing the rate of early pregnancy. If that were true, then I must be preggy by 16 and I wonder if they thought of statutory rape as an alternative cause.

I was in college and could possibly go home on weekends. However, I'd stick out to go to school at 3:00 a.m. and reach home at 8:00 p.m. just to see him. It was fun to wake up seeing him crawling up my bed. At times, he'd wake me up by hitting my face with his arm.

One time, he wanted to play smackdown. On the bed, he jumped and his head hit my lower jaw. I wanted to check if he was okay coz I know he hurt his head, but I started crying and I can already taste blood. My tongue bled. He didn't cry though and just held his head. As for me, I wasn't able to eat the whole day.

My brother is already growing up, even faster than I expected. Last week, my mom said Gavin wants to go to IS (International School) and he insists that my mom provides him a cellphone so he could call my dad if he has to fetch him earlier of later. He even refused the cellphone my sister was offering him because he wanted a clamshell type (talking about capitalism at an early age).

Last night, through my sister's phone, he texted, "Ddmgamwtpgwm#atmdm3gjtjjaja ga+mda gjt+." Thanks to my sister, she translated it for me: Justice League costume.

I replied by telling him to drink his milk and brush his teeth. And he texted, "A ja gdmjmajtwmpdm jta gdmg dpg+tmw." Again, the translation: I am having a hard time to text. Yes, I already brushed my teeth. I have a new toothbrush.

My brother? Here he is...

hi, there!

isn't this over yet?

want a piece of me?

Of course, his crazy eldest sister...

how do they carry these to school?

...wondering how students felt when they had to bring stone tablets to school to take notes.

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1 Masks: Blogger manzkee whispered...

I like the way your bro do the "texting thing". Can you ask him to translate this.."abnkkbsnplako"?

Just for fun, read it in Filipino alphabet.

2:28 AM  

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