What's your favorite disguise? [/meta]

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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Saturday, March 27, 2004

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Constant spontaneity

It was a nice day. it was not ultra perfect but it still went well. Coz almost everythin wasn’t planned but they happened the way I want them to.

Advertising class: Astig ang presentation. Saved money since we did not have to buy pizza. We were surprised when Ma’am Jazmines treated us (like babies???) for lunch. A cocktail lunch, yet very informal.

Argh… Tetet was accusing me of wearing an obscene shirt when I only had Elmo printed on it. It went the whole day. I know it was not obscene but I hate it when everybody got to notice it.

Met my blockmates in the afternoon. It might be the last time I’ll get to see some of them this month or for the next two weeks before the enrolment this summer and we star our internship. I already gave Almi a “yes” to join her in Batangas. Beach for a bitch like me! I already have the consent of my parents. But I also want to stay at home. I want to be with my family, not missing anyone for at least a week.

Regarding Gavin, he is really growing up fast. A part of me wants to see him that way forever. Innocent. Jolly. Loving. Naughty. But I know it would really be selfish of me. More than that, that would really be impossible. I want to spend more time at home because I don’t want to miss every chance that he would be that way.

It is really tiring to go home to Cavite every weekend or every time I wish to do so, but seeing my family, especially Gavin who always gets excited when I arrive, is enough to compensate the effort. Even more. Not everyone gets the chance to see that.

I just wish that even if he’s already grown up, he would still be excited to see and join me. Haaaay… I sound like a parent.

Still yesterday afternoon, Cy said she wants to go back to Tagaytay. It would be easier to plan this time. I also want to go back to Starbuck’s and have our hot seat discussion.

Pero this time, instead of roaming around Tagaytay, I want to bring them to the best place to swim. Then we could also go to our new place, which is a block from the beach and with a covered court across. I would still want to bring you to the old churches we went to last December. So everyone must prepare the one-thousand bucks for the petition slips. Para magka-boyfriend. Hahahaha!

Later, when everyone proceeded with their activities, I planned to go home and watch the animated flicks I’ve rented. I met the UJP guys, asking me to watch a movie. Oki doki. The last movie I watched was “Mona Lisa Smile.” Matagal na ‘yun.

My “eleven movies for a week” suddenly dropped to zero! Acads! That was frustrating. Watching movies is the only thing I can do to relax or stop myself from thinking too much. Movies make me think, of course, but somehow far from the usual thinking that I do. Although some still lead to introspection.
When we were walking, we found a better way of having fun while we walk. Pasahan ng tennis ball. So we were actually running. Kahit na dala ko ‘yung aking “haltered bag,” keri lang! Ang saya eh!

Before the movie, since we still had time before it starts, we planned to eat. But before that… we ended at Toby’s playing basketball. Hahaha! I really miss this game. Pakers! Ang taas ng ring, walang warm-up, I’m wearing my Elmo shirt, three-point area yata ‘yung spot to shoot. Hahaha! Swak! Ok pa rin! Ang daming nanonood at hindi man lang tumigil sina Kirk, Adan at Frank sa pagbanggit ng pangalan ko kaya dangal at puri na ‘yung nakasalalay! Naka-shoot naman!

Then we ate dinner, realized that these guys can really be fickle-minded. After eating, we had another game. Unahan sa pagpunta sa may movie house. Second ako! I might have turned twenty recently, pero I won’t give things like this up. As long as I have people to do it with. Or even on my own, I’m used to doing things on my own…

But there would always be something I would want to do with someone…


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