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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Karma Sutra

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catch me if you can...

In grade school, boys run after me. Not that I was too gorgeous as a kid nor I play cops and robbers a lot but because these boys probably think they have to get back at me.


Because I was so fond of calling guys names including "gay."

Franco was my first victim when I was in second grade. He was in fifth by then. The next year, Jeremy in the fourth grade was running after me because I called him "mosquito" (my cousin told me so).

When I was in fourth grade, a high school student was running after me on the basketball court on the coronation night in our school. After that night, I learned my lesson and I was too afraid of walking on the school grounds alone because he'd chase me even before the flag ceremony. One time, he even went to my classroom. Why his reaction was most violent? Because it was true that he's gay (and probably because it took only minutes for a fourth grader to tell him that).

But that didn't stop there. Because I also had guys crying and I was sent to the guidance counselor for these instances. But I wasn't issued a violation report nor had my parents called. The counselor probably thought I was telling the truth.

Karma Part

While in the university, I belonged to a college where men are considered endangered species, because 90 percent of the male population was gay. The guys end up together. And we were too lucky to form a basketball team of (allegedly) straight males. And if you come from the same college, you've probably heard of: Engineering guys love Mass Comm girls; Mass Comm guys love Engineering guys.

In my first year, I met Chuck. Almost everyone had a crush on him. He was sweet and brooding. After a year, we found out he's gay. My high school friend who also knew him and liked him a lot had to spend some nights drinking because of what we found out.

John was the first guy I became close with in the college block that I come from. After a year, it seems that he found home in the college and finally came out. In my third year, it was not surprising to see Chuck and John together.

In checking out guys, my friends and I have two (inherent) steps to follow: (1) to check if he is cute and (2) to check whether he is gay or not.

In the office, on the first day of training, I noticed gay magnet first. When I met the previous batch of trainees, my gaydar worked overtime helping me detect who are gay (but are still in the closet).

Then one time, I was walking along Ayala Avenue and had to cross the street when I saw this cute guy. I was looking at him straight in the eye when I noticed that he was looking at someone beside me. And I didn't even catch him blink. I turned to my right...

And standing beside me is gay magnet!

I have lots of gay encounters I can start another blog.

I have nothing against gays. In fact, I have lots of friends (yeah, just friends) who are gay (don't panic, I'm not mentioning names). At times though, I rant and laugh about this because it seems too unfair. There's a 1:4 ratio of male to female and the males still end up together. And I still remember the times when me and my friends thought of finding gays whom we could ask to be donors... for a sperm bank.

Well, I still detest polygamy.

4 revealed their disguise

4 Masks: Blogger yui whispered...

shet! natamaan ako! bakit ba kasi ako nagmamahal ng bading!

2:25 PM   Blogger letter shredder whispered...

nakalimutan kong maglagay ng disclaimer...

2:50 PM   Blogger manzkee whispered...

When I first saw your title, I thought you are going to talk about the computer virus, but, when I did read it, OMG! why are these badings and TIBOO's are just popping around? Where did they came from?

BTW, I respect them, I don't have anything against them. Period!

JUst an info: Dito sa Canada, kinakasal ang mga bakla at tumboy, the best part is, they get the same benifits like the regular M/F couples.

10:16 PM   Blogger LyZa whispered...

Hahahaha i luv ur entry. i luv gays. come to think of it... i fell inlove with them.

i have this really great gaydar. and the best part of my gaydar (they tell me) is that when i have a crush on a guy it means that guy is gay. LOL

5:39 PM  

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