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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
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Friday, December 16, 2005


posted by letter shredder at 10:02 AM

This is the letter that started my day.


MR. ***** *. ********
President, S********* Asia


Good day!

I would like to report the incident that happened yesterday. My bag was missing and was found in the fire exit area. It was given to me earlier but not all my belongings are still in the bag.

Below is a copy of the letter I submitted to the ACS security officers at the 11th Floor of C****** C*****.


15 December 2005


This is to inform you that I was not able to claim my bag from the security at the office entrance during the dismissal period today.

My bag had the tag number 2004 and the bag's counter tag attached to the bag is also missing. I logged in at 8:31 AM and tried to claim the bag at around 6:40 PM.

My bag is a blue Giordano tote bag and it contains an SM shoebox where my slippers (Tribu) are in. It also contains business cards, make-up kit, pouch, receipt to claim my transcript and other valuables (vitamins, etc.).

I am requesting further actions that my bag be found with all the items in it.

Respectfully yours,
S********* Asia


The following day, 16 December 2005, I logged in at 8:10 AM. One of the guards who were also assigned yesterday immediately approached me and asked me if I was already late for work. I told him I wasn't. He asked me if I know the training room. He instructed me to proceed to the security office at the 10th floor.

The other guard who was also assigned yesterday was there and another officer. They gave me my missing bag and told me that it was found in the fire exit (stairs area) at the 11th floor.

I immediately checked the bag and identified the items inside.

These are the items that have been left in my bag:
- wallet with business cards
- shoebox with slippers
- pink towel
- blue pouch with Rayban shades, some papers (receipt, payslip, bus ticket), medicine wrappers, ointment, moisturizer, used pink stick-on notes
- used Globe prepaid card

As of now, these are the items that I was able to identify missing:
- make-up kit set (lipstick, concealer, eye shadows, lip gloss, mirror)
- some items that I remember placing inside the blue pouch (rosary from Rome, sanitary napkins, nail cutter, supplement -- M*********, twissers)
- hair tie
- comb
- a piece of chopstick
- unused stick-on notes


I am reporting this incident because the items missing and how my bag was found is very alarming. I am again requesting further actions to be taken to really find out what happened and who took the bag (the person/s has/have access to the 11th floor).

The items that are missing are very valuable to me especially the make-up set and the supplements.

This may be the first incident reported, but it may not mean it is the only incident that has ever occurred.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
S********* Asia


At first, I was really distingushing the concepts of "what is wrong" and "what is missing." Things aren't exactly wrong but MY BAG IS MISSING. Last night, when I realized what items could I possibly lose, I really cried hard. The make-up set I have almost costs more than half of my monthly salary and the supplements as well.

When I realized that the items included the rosary from Rome my mom gave to me, my tears drenched. It is not just a rosary; it was THE ROSARY MY MOM ENTRUSTED TO ME. It has Pope John Paul's picture on the cover.

Then I also thought of the vintage Rayban shades my father gave to me. People know how I love those shades. It is not just a vintage Rayban shades; it is THE ONLY WAY THAT I CAN SEE THROUGH MY FATHER'S EYES.

Whoever the culprit was/culprits were, what happened isn't really funny. I am not saying that it is right nor it is wrong, but if this act of stealing is what he/she/they are committed to, think twice.

I was again crying earlier because of my make-up set and the rosary. But I really intend to ask the security to replace them or at least pay the amount they cost. Some of them are not available here and would really make me worry about acquiring them from the US.

What made me really worried was the knowledge of what items were stolen and how they were stolen. Just imagine how can one possibly think of getting my pen, hair tie, unused stick-on notes, the chopstick for my hair, unused toothbrush, sanitary napkins? It is probably a she. But what could that person have against me?

A stalker? A fan?


It was payday yesterday and my officemate said she still saw the bag during lunch. Did that person overhear the conversation where I said I would withdraw cash for lunch? If that is the case, the person is someone commonly seen on the floor.

If the person purposely intended to get my make-up set, does she enter the same comfort room that me and my officemates do?

I am really scared because two days ago, the headset I use at work is also missing. I didn't really pay much attention to it coz I may have misplaced it. But if someone also took it? Why my things?

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hi there . thanks for dropping by on my blog. Btw, you have a cool blog template here

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That's really creepy. It would freak me out too. I'm sorry about the stuff that you lost, especially the things that are irreplacable.

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