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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Beauty and the Beast at Jurassic Park

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Spontaneous plans

At 4:30 pm, yesterday...

Oman: You free? I have two invites for Kong's premiere at Rockwell.
Me: Tonight?
Oman: Yup.
Me: What time?
Oman: 7pm. So do you want to go?
Me: Yup. But I'm off at 6:30. So if you don't want to be late, better ask someone else.
Oman: We'll still make it. Where shall we meet?
Me: Fetch me here at the office and we'll just take the cab.

And so we met and we had a hard time finding an empty cab since it's a rush hour and my office is situated within the busy streets of Makati. It was already 7pm and haven't seen an empty one yet. I was thinking of plan B but we agreed that we'd still catch the movie even if we are late.

Mass starvation

We reached Rockwell and we were lucky that the movie has not yet started. We were able to have good sits too, reserved for media guests probably. I don't really like eating inside the movie house but since we were not able to eat dinner, popcorn and iced tea seemed to be the best combo ever.

Sleeping pill genre

I have to admit that I could have slept at the start of the film. The scenes were dragging and shots were lingering to emphasize emotions that are comprehendible. Even before the end, some parts seemed to be anticlimactic.

For me, the story started when the ship reached Skull Island. There were times that I really had to remind myself that I am watching a film. I really got scared of the tribesmen. And when I realized how Ann Darow was going to be offered to King Kong, I thought her limbs would break before she gets into the hands of the beast.

Barbie and the Beast

At first, when Kong held Ann, I thought the beast just wanted to play Barbie. She seemed to be like one while in its hand. Kong was just like any kid who'd do anything to protect a toy.

Super Kong

Since the movie was a remake of the classic film from the 1930s, expect a damsel in distress. When Ann was in the jungle and she and Kong had a misunderstanding (imagine), she had her own a-series-of-unfortunate-events and with just one scream, Super Kong was there, breaking the jaws of the tyrannosaurus rex.

Parts I consider to be the be(a)st

If you really enjoy watching men freak out, you'd enjoy the part where they had to avoid the dinosaurs. The actors did well, you'd see the panic attacks they seem to go through. In that case, any man could go through.

If Kong were human, he'd be a great guy. He'd do everything to protect Ann. And how many men these days could possibly appreciate sunrise and sunset? Probably a few.

Man vs. Beast

In some theories, humans are said to come from apes. Kong portrayed emotions similar to man. It even understood certain gestures taught by Ann and emotions portrayed by us; it also needed affection and attention.

What separates man from animals: THE FACILITY OF LANGUAGE.

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2 Masks: Blogger Jaimie whispered...

I'm still not sure if I want to see this movie. i don't think so. Maybe on video.

7:44 AM   Blogger letter shredder whispered...

well, i would not recommend it either. i mean, if you just wanna see how the remake went, there's nothing too different to expect aside from the technology used in producing the effects

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