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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
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Monday, December 05, 2005

Exception to the Rules (of Physics)

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I watched the coverage of the bowling event in the 23rd SEA Games. Philippines (represented by Markwin Tee) won over Singapore yesterday, adding another gold. This is the first time Philippines topped the SEA Games, despite the protests of several fronts questioning the fairness of the competition since Philippines is also this year's host.

It was a long time ago since I've bowled. I took a PE class in duckpin bowling and I must say I had a very unique experience for certain reasons:

1. I was in an all-women team. My teammates hardly notice I'm gay *wink* and good thing they change their minds when they see me. Usually, when people hear my name, they expect to see a guy.

2. My classmates have the rarest of rarest names. Bionic is an example, she may be an undercover superhero.

3. The bowling center in the UP Alumni Center resists all laws of Physics. Even if one is a complete genius in force, angles and projectiles (or whatever Physics there may be in bowling), he or she will not survive the rough wood tiles and oblique speroids handicapped duckpins available in the bowling center.

4. I was able to build a strong rapport with my teammates, because pins are manually replaced. We can talk about our past life, present life, and the life we want to have because we have to wait for the people at the back to replace the pins (unless we want their toes dead).

5. The bowling center is a great place for cosmic intervention. Despite the roughness (for the lack of a better term) and odds of having a bowling center which seems to be an obstacle course for a duckpin, people (accidentally) strike!

What I learned in bowling class (and in other sports I've tried), people should not only be physically fit to play the game. The complete being should be present to optimism and great energy to be effective. Players should be motivated well. For me, somehow, psyching myself works. But still, it is with great inspiration that an athlete could become a champ.

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2 Masks: Blogger Jaimie whispered...

Can you believe I've never bowled? I know-I'm terrible.

8:01 AM   Blogger letter shredder whispered...

*pouts* I have a more serious case, I don't know how to ride a bike...


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