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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Monday, December 19, 2005

Development on the Missing Bag Incident

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Actually, I have not been updated on this yet. But last Friday afternoon, the head security officer talked to me and asked a lot of questions, including why I did not check my bag during lunch. I said, I didn't want to. He asked why I did not fix myself up. (Just what is he leading to?) I said, "I'm in front of a computer the whole day, why do I have to?"

He was alarmed that the person higher than the president (not Yao Ming, mind you) and is involved in the operations committee of the building found out about it already. Earlier, I read a reply from the operations manager (to the boss of all bosses, sent last Friday too) admitting the "lapse of security" and that they are conducting an ocular inspection in the area.

I'm not sure if they already did. And I have to admit that I am still very afraid to get out of the work area. I ask people to join me. I am somehow relieved that the guards on duty last Thursday and Friday aren't the ones present today. I cringe when I see those two.

The significant difference today: the guard station was cleaner, things were re-arranged so one would meet the guards first before entering the vicinity.

Things that did not change: the post is still left unguarded (for a reason I am not sure of).

Things I'm worried of: my things not replaced before Christmas (I really need the make-up and supplements), and the guards to be sacked. Of course, I want the guards to be taught a lesson for them to be more responsible. But I cannot disregard the fact that if their agency decides to sack them, their families would also be at stake. Whatever penalty the security agency has for them, that would be out of my control. The culprit should really be the one punished. The guards were also victims somehow, and that leaves me as the victim of the victims. If things get even worse, someone might just get back on me until the time that the culprit gets caught.


As much as I want to disregard the idea that the culprit isn't one of my officemates, I cannot completely let go of it.

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