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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Saturday, January 31, 2004

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Oblation Run

What a day!!!

I had a class at 8:30 am and I came at 8:45. I checked the room and found out that no one is in yet. And I have not seen anyone in the lobby. I sat on the bench outside and I told I found out that the one beside me is a classmate, Mel. I asked her if she has seen anyone form the class and if the prof announced anything before I arrived. She said she has not seen anyone, too. And that she did not come to class the other week. I had to text another Mhel.

And she said the prof told us last week that we will start the class at 9:00!

The class eventually started before 10am. And after pretending that I was really listening, the professor said we may leave.

It was the 15th of December, Tuesday! Oblation run! Kate was outside and she was asking me if I would like to join her watch.

Eh bakit naman ako tatanggi?

Sumugod kami sa AS walk, kasama ang mga agents at mga bakla, humanap kami ng strategic na puwesto. At lahat tumitingin sa amin dahil ang ingay namin. Kasama kasi si Ryan, na ang goal ay…

“I shall see a dick before I graduate!”

Well, he saw many coz the APO passed three times. At first they were running, the second they were walking, and third they were running again. For that, I shall congratulate Ryan because someone pushed a runner who almost fell on him and her

At ang linya namin pag may nag-interview, “Well, effective naman ang yeast na ginamit sa pag-culture.”

Seeing those intimate parts was not definitely a sight to behold!

After watching Basei-Moi (Rape Me) what else could be worse? Later I met Albert online and he was asking me if I watched the run. He said his was bigger.

Eh sino ba namang lalake ang aaming mas maliit ‘yung sa kanya?

I wouldn’t know coz I have not seen any. At least privately.

Over na ang Oblation Run trauma…

Kailangan ko nang bumili ng Bible for my Aunt. Totoo!

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