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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Friday, October 07, 2005

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So he’s having lunch at home tom… errr later.

I won’t panic anymore. *crosses finger*

And I found out that he has not talked to her yet. And after he eats lunch in our place, he’ll meet her.

I asked him why he went home (if the Philippines is still considered his home). He told me the next chance he could come here is very indefinite so he grabbed the chance he had now. And that he also wanted to see his cousins and eat some food from here.

Then I asked him if also for the closure with “informal ex.” He said yes. He told me they haven’t met yet since he came back. And that he’s clueless of what to tell her. From the previous conversations we had sometime in August, he told me that he was a jerk at the same time, using the hurricane as an excuse (not to mention creative and original). He didn’t use the hurricane per se, but rather not explaining that “Isabel” was a hurricane ended their relationship. And he knew it was also a matter of distance.

Thinking of how he’d meet her makes me think of her, too. We were really close during our second year in high school until she transferred to another class in third year. It was then that she got close to my bestfriend, Neneng, coz they were in the same class.

Somehow, during our fourth year, I knew what was between them. I got to talk to her at times and I usually walk till the jeepney stop with him after class. Often, I’d discuss with him how I dealt with Benson and Oman that day. He knew everything about it and he’d often tell me, “It’s his loss.” And I’d laugh at it.

We became close during our first year in a forsaken science high school. I was so fond of his accent because he comes from Maragondon. I actually laugh at everyone who had the same accent so it was no wonder why I acquired it myself.

We never really got in touch again after high school. I know he comes to the university that I am in to watch some concerts but we never planned to meet and do watch spend some time together. *evil grin*

His flight to the US was very unexpected. I just found out he already left.

Then one time, I received a message from him saying he has read my blog.

*prays he doesn’t read my recent posts*

We got to exchange some messages specially during the Christmas break. Once he called and I wasn’t able to hide how ecstatic I was. Then he gave me a testimonial at Friendster.

Ah the sweet luv that is jaycee… it should be bottled by the ounce and sold like pricey perfume…

We got busy with school again. Until last August, we bumped into each other through YM. I was busy finding work while he was reviewing for the nursing exam. We updated each other and after a while, he began calling me “Pooh” (which is another story, I laugh really hard when I remember this). And I call him “Isabel” (which makes me laugh even more).

And even when he sends me some messages right now, he calls me Pooh. So I started calling him Isabel again.


I want to sleep. I have a long day ahead. I think I won’t be nervous, but I have to practice how to smile.

And hide that high school feeling I am experiencing once again.

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