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"Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love..."
                                          -- Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Friday, June 18, 2004

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I thought wives are always the last to know... Best(?) friends din pala

I don't know if I have any right to get mad after all the efforts you've shown me on my birthday. I even told you then that I was not really expecting that you'd be that way. And even now, I am still surprised. You told me many times I was important--in ways that I thought I was just important and should be in the scene when something not very grateful is happening or when you are confused and you need someone to talk to. You were already like that when we were in high school. I know you can still remember how I questioned our friendship when we were in our senior year.

Way back then, our classrooms were adjacent but we do not talk. And we both know it was because of her. You admitted to me that you deliberately ignored me because she wanted to. And it seems you had no choice. Because you never wanted to choose me over her.

Oo nga pala, ako 'yung best friend, ako 'yung dapat umintindi.


Well, i thought i was over that issue. But I really think I am not. Nung brithday ko, I was really happy because I was not really expecting that you'll be coming over to have lunch with me and to be in the surprise party at the Lagoon. I also know you were suppose to go to another party later that night.

And about this new girl, whom you really like, our common friend, and the ex of another common friend. You told me that you really like her. You asked me to watch a movie, and I will be askin her to join us. Nothin really wrong with her being with us. But I can only conclude that you just asked me so I could ask her. Torpe!

It hurts to think that the last movie we've watched was in 2002. Yeah, BEST FRIEND!

When people were askin me if the rumors were true about you courting her, I was not able to say anything. You even went to her boarding house, which was just a trike away from ours.

When we got to talk about you, I felt so dumb when i realized that she knew more things than I do. And for crying out loud, you did not even bother to tell me that you are having your thesis this term. That simple thing that you could have told me when we were textin each other. When we still do.

Granted that I did not bother to ask. But how am I suppose to know that there was anythin to ask?

I met her roommate, and I confirmed that you've been to their place. I kept on asking her coz I am like left in the middle of a puzzle. Nasabihan tuloy akong walang kwenta.

I never felt so stupid. Nakakainis na 'yung mga bagay na pwedeng sa akin itanong, sa iba ko pa nalalaman.

I am not asking you to keep a journal or a planner that I should read from time to time, but do I really have to be the last to know (Shit! Britney!--panggulo ng CNS)? Your so-called "BEST FRIEND?"

Dude, if this is really your idea of friendship, then I don't think it's the same as mine.

Kaya ngayon I won't start any conversation about you with our common friends. I won't text. I won't send you anythin. Until you do.

And I don't think I can still consider you my best friend. It is not only now that this happened.

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